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Price  R429-00 per 12 Kg pack. Coverage  approx.4 to 8 square meters per pack. Excl. VAT and delivery.

Skim-Rite is a marvellous product for the surface skimming of substrates to render them smooth and even for a final finish or for providing a suitable, adequate base onto which can be applied a final preparation such as any paint or coating.

Skim-Rite is a two pack system comprising of porcelain complexes in powder form  and a synthetic liquid binder which should be mixed together in the proportion of 4 parts of powder to 1 part of liquid by volume. Once mixed together the product needs to be used within about 30 minutes as it cannot be stored for longer having curing properties to this effect.

Skim-Rite comes in a variety of colours as can be seen in our colour images below. Any colour can be made. It is thus suited to be used as an intermediary light plaster for the purpose of beautifying and finishing an uneven or unattractive masonry or mortar or similar surface or as final surface giving an attractive stone like appearance. It is suitable for patching plastered surfaces and is in itself extremely hard wearing.

Skim-Rite is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is a unique waterproofing agent, hard wearing, abrasion resistant, and can easily be trafficked if used for such purposes.



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