Floor Coatings

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Floor Coatings

6. Colourite (Waterproofing stain for all mortar surfaces, no need to over paint, many beautiful colours) Package - 20 Kg`s, Price - R550.00 (Smaller packs add 50%) Coverage approx. 125 sq. meters for 1 coat(R6.00/m sq)  and 45 square meters for 2 coats.(R8.00/ m sq)

7. Conseal (Clear finishing sealant for stone, slasto, slate, face bricks etc. excellent as a bonder or primer, exceptional waterproofer) Package - 20 Kg`s, Price R1050.00 (Smaller packs add 50%) S. Coverage approx. 100 sq. meters for 1 coat(R9.00/m sq)  and 65 square meters for 2 coats.(R12.00/ m sq)

14.1 Floor-Masta  (High quality floor coating for all kinds of surfaces such as garages, workshops, store rooms etc.Price 15 Kg pack  R1150.00 (R42.00/ m sq)

18. Hydro-Guard (Additive for mortar to strengthen and waterproof same adds flexibility, toughness etc) Package - 20 lt. Price - R1350.00 (Smaller packages add 50%)

18.1 Joint-Seal  For the sealing of expansion joints, crack, holes, etc. two pack system standard pack = 12 Kg`s Smaller handy man packs available. Price 499-00 per 12 kg. pack. for smaller packs add 50% to per kg. price. i.e. R50 per kg. Ex works

29. Omni-Guard (Damp proofing, sealing, bonding new or old plaster, excellent as a primer for mortar.) Also waterproofs any fiberous material or porous material such as Polystyrene etc. Package - 20Kg`s, Price R675.00 (Smaller packs add 50%) w Coverage approx. 60 sq. meters for 1 coat(R12.00/m sq)  and 40 square meters for 2 coats.(R18.00/ m sq)

30. Pangolin (Rubber textured coating, non-slip, clings to any surface, excellent waterproofer, liner, washable, does not crack, chip etc. suitable for floors walls, slippery decks or other trafficable surfaces. Package - 20 Lt.  Price R995.00 (Smaller packages add 50%)Coverage approx. 20 sq. meters for 1 coat (R53.00/m sq)  

45. Wood-Good ( An outstanding wooden floor coating - water based urethane - for all interior wooden floors. Outstanding adhesion, long lasting, tough. Gives beautiful appearance, fast drying, good protective properties. No fumes. Package- 20 Lt., Price - R389.00/Lt. (Smaller packs add 50%)Coverage approx. 75 sq. meters for 1 coat(R43.00/m sq)  and 45 square meters for 2 coats.(R69.00/ m sq)

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