Flame retardant coatings

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      Flame retardant coatings

13.1 Fire-Guard  Marvelous product  for coating or soaking flammable substances or substrates to retard fire or flame spread. Suitable substrates include thatch roofs, or thatching grass, wood, timber, cardboard etc. Package 20 Kg`s  Price R1,695-00. per 20 lt. container. Smaller packs add 50%. (Pro-Rata) Coverage costs for thatch - approx. R24-00 / sq.M. Solid substrates approx. R13-00 /sq. M

14. Flame-Guard  Specific very effective flame retardant for soft furnishings for application by Cosmo-Dec or self applied.  "A" class standard the highest rating. Price - R1150-00 per 20 Lt. container.  Approx. R11-00 per square meter.

33. A  Pyro-Shield  Flame and fire retardant coating for all  substrates, most colours - adheres to all substrates.  Package 20 Lt. and 5 Lt. Price R1595.00 - 20 Lt.R795-00 5 Lt. Excl. VAT Incl. Delivery.R14-00 per square meter.


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