Cooling Coatings

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Cooling Coatings

1. A  Astro-Dec  Thermal insulating coating, smooth gloss surface easy to clean. For roofs wall any material. Package 20 Lt. and 5 Lt. price R1,300.00 Excl. VAT incl Delivery 5 Lt. containers R488.00-00 Delivery included for multiple containers only. Coverage 6 square meters per liter. Cost = R12-00 per square meter.

2 . Aqua-Therm  (Water proofer and thermal insulator in one.) All the properties of No.1 and No.42 combined. Price R1,298.00-00 Excl. Vat. Package - 15 kg`s. Coverage 25 square meters per pack( 2 coats incl.) R52-00 per square meter.

2AA.  Bi-Cycle Paint   Hi-Tech coating offering cooling properties in Summer and heating properties in winter. Huge energy savings. All substrates. Package 5 and 20 litre containers. Price 20 Lt. R4,999.00   5Lt price R1875.00 Cost per Sq. M = R50.00 (Per coat)

39 B.  Sno-Cote  The most advanced (SABS Accredited) thermal Insulating coating on the market. Extended coverage, increased opacity, better adhesion, waterproof, chip, blister, crack and peel resistant, uv stable easy to use with spray brush or roller applicators.  Price R1,595-00  packaging 20 Lt. Coverage approx  85 to 145 sq. meters per 20 lt. container.  ( 4 to 8 Sq. M/Lit) Coverage cost = ( R1-00 to R20-00 per square meter before discounts.) - Special discounts  - enquire!

42.Therma-Masta (Thermal insulating coating for the cooling of buildings or other radiantly heated structures, works phenomenally well (SABS accredited) - adhesion results = 100% a first for any paint. Drops air temperature inside buildings by an astonishing amount. The least expensive method of cooling a structure. Long lasting, excellent waterproofing capabilities, good rust preventer and many more benefits.) Package - 20 Lt., Price R1,596.00 (Smaller packs add 50%)Coverage approx. 70 sq. meters for 1 coat (R25/m sq)  and 55 square meters for 2 coats.(R30.00/ m sq) ( NB! BEWARE OF PARASITIC COMPANIES REGISTERED UNDER THAT NAME  (THERMA MASTA) THE PRODUCTS ARE DEFINITELY NOT Therma-Masta)


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